I am pleased so far with this product.
“So far I been using this product for a over a month.I’m please that it’s working great for my acne keliodalis nuchae. The bumpy surface on the back of my scalp is gradually getting smoother. It has a strong odor once you apply to your skin but you will get use to it. So far so good. I love that cool menthol feeling.”
– Bruce T.

This product works
“I’ve been trying to wear a bald head recently, but I’ve suffered with bumps from irritation. I’ve tried different products from my local stores, but none have worked but this. I’ve just come from the barber shop and after a week of applying this and my scalp looks great.”
– Will S.

Helping A LOT!
” Son gets bumps after hair cuts. It works but as with anything CONSISTENCY will bring better results. He applies after cut and for 2-3 days in AM and PM and bumps are few to none.┬áHe’s a teen so some maybe hormonal as the barber does clean his clippers. Happy this is helping with the bumps.”
– Dez

Every Blackman should have this
“If you have ingrown hair on face, neck or head, this product helps. The Shampoo is a good addition, but you put this on after a cut or shave, and you will feel the tingle.”
– A. Green

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