PV Products was developed by Vernie L. Peyton and Edless Vance, Jr. who have been in the hair industry since 1981. Their careers started with Lavern’s, a small retail beauty supply store. The partnership grew and the two entered the world of wholesale distributorship when they founded Lavern’s Distributing.

While working in the beauty supply industry, the partners became aware of serious skin and scalp problems such as dandruff, razor bumps and burn, keloids, chemical and relaxer burns and irritation, funguses, eczema and psoriasis.

Peyton discovered that his customers were not finding relief from these problems with the current over-the-counter products. Customers complained of needing to see a dermatologist and using expensive prescription-only products for favorable results.

In 1996, Peyton and Vance realized the need to develop new technology in health, hair and skin care. After investigating and researching the benefits and effectiveness of herbs and natural formulas to treat and promote healthy hair, skin and scalp – introduced into the market a truly marvelous solution. With the help of a team of leading chemists and dermatologists, Peyton and Vance unveiled the KitiKiti Professional Product Line.